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Septembre 2019


Assurance de biens et responsabilité civile des particuliers – agent et courtier en assurance de dommages

Discipline category: Assurance de dommages des particuliers

Skills evaluated: 03-411

Release: 3e édition, 2020

ISBN: 978-2-551-26575-6

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This is the new edition of the manual A-411 and its supplement A411-T3, presenting in particular the new forms of the IBC 1501Q and IBC 1510Q.

The changes brought by the new forms will be reflected in the examinations as of January 2022.

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This set includes the following manuals:
F411-T1  Manuel tome 1
F411-T2  Manuel tome 2
F411-S1  Recueil de formulaires
F411-T3/F511-T3  Complément aux F-411, 3e édition 2020 et F-511, 4e édition 2020