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About the AMF

Distribution of financial products and services

As part of its mission, the AMF:

  • supervises the distribution of financial products and services by administering the rules of eligibility and practice applicable to representatives, advisers and brokers/dealers in all sectors;
  • manages in particular the certification of representatives and the registration of firms operating in insurance of persons, damage insurance, claims adjustment and financial planning.


Exam preparation manuals

The AMF offers exam preparation manuals to help you prepare for examinations in damage insurance and claims adjustment.


Suggested readings for examinations

We recommend you consult the summary tables of suggested readings to help prepare for the examinations. These tables will help you identify, for your sector or sector class, the exam preparation manual sets recommended for each skill (competency) that will be evaluated by the AMF.

The contents of manual sets are listed on the AMF website under Manuals.

Updates and addenda

Committed to offering future professionals quality exam preparation tools, the AMF provides updates and corrections (addenda) to its manuals.

Prior to the exam, check whether an update or an addendum has been released, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.


Other tools available to help you prepare for exams

You will find on the AMF website different resources available to you to help you develop your skills and prepare you to succeed in your exams. You can consult, among others, the following resources


Useful information

You may bring the exam preparation manuals sold by the AMF, and any updates, into the examination room. However, only manuals corresponding to the skill (competency) evaluated will be authorized during the exam session.


Adding material such as Post-it notes or sheets of paper to AMF manuals is prohibited other than for use as separators.


Notes may be written on pages in the manual, but only if they correspond to the topic being covered by those pages. Notes must be written in English or French. Also, you may not copy any exercises.


In order to respect copyright, candidates who bring photocopied, counterfeit, modified or altered copies of AMF manuals to exam sessions will be asked to leave (for example, cutting the original binding and inserting the pages into a binder, or otherwise binding them, is considered an alteration). In addition, candidates will be assigned a grade of “0” and their manuals will be confiscated.