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Website accessibility enables people with disabilities and people who are unable to use a mouse to access information on websites. For example, individuals who are blind can use technical aids (Braille display) and software (screen-to-speech software) to interpret web content. Web accessibility also enables people with reduced mobility to easily navigate the Web.


The pages of the AMF website devoted to examinations and exam preparation manuals comply with the HTML 5 and CSS standards recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure that information is accessible in the voice browsers, screen readers and refreshable Braille displays used by people with disabilities.

The AMF also complies with the standards of web accessibility adopted by the Conseil du Trésor of the Government of Québec.

Website compliance verification tools

Web accessibility has been verified using the following tools:

  • Web Developer Toolbar version 1.1.9 for Firefox
  • Accessibility Toolbar version 1.5.61 for Firefox
  • Wave Toolbar version 1.1.6 for Firefox
  • Firebug version 1.9.1 for Firefox
  • Color Contrast Analyzer version 1.2
  • Screen readers: Jaws 11 and Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA)

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